Image: John Vella, HANGBANG (nightshift), 2010, installation detail. Photo: Peter Robinson

30-Oct-2010 - 21-Nov-2010

HANGBANG (nightshift)

John Vella


HANGBANG (nightshift) is a new installation made up of John Vella’s artworks not currently in public or private collections. Hundreds of diverse objects - the artist’s archive - will be stored, numbered and displayed around the gallery periphery as a massive assemblage. The daily on-site and online business of the institution - office staff, technologies and visitors - will be recorded and employed to select specific works for a nightly inter-ference/vention. Viewed live from 9pm-5am via a window inserted into the gallery external wall, this regular nocturnal operation will translate a dormant archive of objects into a volatile, vital and transient network of interactions.

This project has also been assisted by the Fairbrother Group and the University of Tasmania.

***DON'T MISS a chance to view the *nightshift 9pm - 5am Wednesday - Sunday*** 

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