Image: Mark Shorter, Song for Glover, 2012, still from video (Photo: Jürgen Kerkovius)

13-Dec-2013 - 23-Feb-2014

Acts of Exposure

Leigh Hobba, Mark Shorter, Michael Schlitz

Curators: Bec Tudor, Jane Stewart, Kylie Johnson, Colin Langridge


Acts of Exposure is an exhibition of work by Leigh Hobba (TAS), Michael Schlitz (TAS) and Mark Shorter (NSW)

This is a joint initiative of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) and Contemporary Art Tasmania to promote contemporary artists.

A series of public programs were presented alongside this exhibition.

Exposure relates to personal revelation and emotional expression.  The word also suggests a naked body in open space, and extreme climatic conditions. Exposure implies the outer imaginative limits, emotional intensity, and sustained contact with the outdoors. These elements happened to be fundamental to romanticism: a movement that largely took place in the first person and embraced the unique, subjective experience of the artist.

Acts of Exposure is a contemporary take on romanticism and the artistic tradition of the body in space. The exhibition brings together artists for whom landscape is deeply subjective and whose works are guided by an ongoing personal 'quest'. Risking vulnerability and pushing physical and psychological limits, the artists locate themselves - virtually or actually - within the external environment. Warping reality by sometimes adopting alter egos or confusing the boundaries between art and life, their narratives draw from personal, social or cultural histories.

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