24-Nov-2018 - 16-Dec-2018

2018 Members' Exhibition and Party!

The Members' Exhibition and Party celebrates the talent of our members and rounds off a year of programming at Contemporary Art Tasmania! Click through to find out more about how to sign up.
OPENS: 6pm 23 November 2018 // EXHIBITION: 24 November - 16 December 2018 // LOCATION: Contemporary Art Tasmania

Image: Vivienne Cutbush, Notice, 2017. Photo: Lou Conboy.

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15-Nov-2018 - 15-Nov-2018

Greyhound: Presentations and discussions on the role and function of the artist’s studio

Duckpond, Kate Geck, David Keeling, Carolyn Wigston

Most artists have a working space, whether its form evokes the traditional atelier model, a hybrid production/ presentation space or a laptop on the kitchen table. The artist studio has a multiplicity of purposes that are as varied as the modes of practices they enable. Through a series of presentations and a Q&A session Duckpond, Kate Geck, Kylie Johnson, David Keeling and Carolyn Wigston will demonstrate a range of relationships that they each have with the studio.
DATE: Thursday 15 November // TIME: 5.30pm // LOCATION: CAT Gallery // A FREE EVENT

Image: CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication

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22-Sep-2018 - 22-Sep-2018

Beyond the Field (still) Symposium

Susan Best, Fernando do Campo, Stephen Wickham CONVENOR: Anne Mestitz PANEL CHAIR: Paul Zika

Anne Mestitz has developed a program of presentations and conversation to compliment the exhibition Beyond the Field (still). Invited speakers Susan Best, Fernando do Campo, and Stephen Wickham will join with Anne and panel chair Paul Zika to reflect on the impact of the National Gallery of Victoria exhibitions, The Field (1968) and The Field Revisited (2018) and to consider the geometric abstraction and non-objective art made by artists.

DATE: 2.00 pm, Saturday 22 September, 2018 // LOCATION: Contemporary Art Tasmania // A FREE EVENT

Image: Beyond the Field (still) screen printed poster by Anne Mestiz

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21-Sep-2018 - 21-Sep-2018

SOCA Art Forum: Samara Adamson-Pinczewski

In her Art Forum presentation, Samara Adamson-Pinczewski will discuss her practice, in particular ideas concerning reflection and spatial deformation in contemporary abstract painting practice. She will outline her research interests and examine how recent works have been designed to engage and modulate the viewer’s perception of illusory space. Through meticulously combining colour, line and form, her goal is to create highly unsettling paintings that are designed to elicit a perceptual and physiological response from the viewer. DATE: Friday 21 September 2018 // TIME: 12.30am // LOCATION: Dechaineux Lecture Theatre, School of Creative Arts, University of Tasmania, Hunter Street, Hobart //A FREE EVENT

Image: Samara Adamson-Pinczewski, Neon Crease, 2018. Courtesy of the Artist and Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne

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09-Sep-2018 - 09-Sep-2018

Shotgun 7: Triple Lives Roundtable - creating a wider ecology for your practice

Jasmin Stephens

Independent curator Jasmin Stephens will work with the Shotgun 7 finalists and explore how to create a wider local, national, regional and international ecosystem for their practices. Shotgun is a partnership project between Detached, Mona and Contemporary Art Tasmania. Triple Lives is a closed event.

Image: Shotgun branding: LANZL

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30-Aug-2018 - 30-Aug-2018

Shotgun 7: Janet Burchill and Jennifer McCamley Artist Talk

Janet Burchill and Jennifer McCamley have worked individually and collaboratively since the mid-1980s. Their work often engages with the legacies of modernism and traverses a wide range of references, from psychoanalysis to film, literature to feminism. It also frequently plays across the boundaries of art, architecture and design, sculpture and furniture. The artists have been brought to Tasmania through the Shotgun 7 program. WHEN: 5.30pm, Thursday 30 August 2018 // CONTEMPORARY ART TASMANIA // A FREE EVENT

Image: Fear eats the Soul (2003). Photographer: Jenni Carter. neon, electric cables, fittings and transformers, acrylic on timber. Frame 160 x 133 cm, apple 25 x 25 cm

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17-Aug-2018 - 17-Aug-2018

SOCA Art Forum: Craig Judd

Powerful Paradise is how Charis McKittrick describes the extraordinary life partnership that she enjoys with the artist George Schwarz. Charis is Australian. George is Swiss. They met in 1964 on the beach of Almuñécar Andalucía, Spain. This lecture by Craig Judd is an introduction to George and Charis' intense and poetic collaboration and art making which continues to this day. By way of context Judd will also touch upon ideas about Australian art history, gender, collage, nostalgia, art fantastique, and pleasures and pitfalls of The Life in Art. DATE: Friday 17 August 2018 // TIME: 12.30am //LOCATION: Dechaineux Lecture Theatre, School of Creative Arts, University of Tasmania, Hunter Street, Hobart

Image: Carpe Diem, 2010. 40 x 40cm digital print. Edition of 3.

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18-Jul-2018 - 25-Sep-2018


Richie Cyngler, Sabrina Evans, Troy Melville and Sara Wright

A multi platform partnership project between Contemporary Art Tasmania, Youth Arc and artist Sara Wright was aimed at creating extraordinary opportunities for young artists aged from 16 – 24. With a focus on screen culture, video production and open source technology, the intention was to investigate, dismantle and expose perceptions of identity, through various modes of creative process.

Participants of the Dismantle program gained access to a unique suite of exhibitions, festival programs and workshops in public and private art institutions led by associated artists and arts professionals.

Image: Courtesy of Fontaine Nfundiko

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27-Apr-2018 - 27-Apr-2018

The Blackest Spat - Artist and Curator Talk


Join The Blackest Spat curator, Linda Crispin, and artists, Tim Coad, Emma Magnusson-Reid, Natalie Mather, Eva Nilssen, Dexter Rosengrave for a floor talk prior to the exhibition opening. The Blackest Spat is presented for the 2018 Curatorial Mentorship. WHEN: 5.30PM, Friday 27 April 2018 // CONTEMPORARY ART TASMANIA // A FREE EVENT

Image: Tim Coad, Untitled, 2018, inkjet print photograph, 85 x 57 cm

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08-Feb-2018 - 08-Mar-2018

Black Matter Artist Talk

Eduardo Cruces, Macarena Perich, Cristian Rodríguez, Francisca Moenne

Black Matter artists Eduardo Cruces (Lota), Macarena Perich (Punta Arenas) and Cristian Rodríguez (Santiago), in conversation with Black Matter curator Francisca Moenne, will discuss their work in response to the residencies conducted by Julie Gough and Robert O’Connor in Chile in 2016. Black Matter is a a reciprocal residency exchange project between Australia and Chile. DATE: 5.30pm Thursday 8 March, 2018 // LOCATION: CONTEMPORARY ART TASMANIA // A FREE EVENT

Image: Courtesy of Francisca Moenne Route, 2017. (Nothofagus that correspond to the locale of each artist)

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16-Mar-2018 - 16-Mar-2018

Art Forum: George Egerton-Warburton

Cooking the Books artist George Egerton-Warburton for Art Forum. LOCATION: Dechaineux Lecture Theatre, School of Creative Arts, University of Tasmania, Hunter Street, Hobart // DATE: 12.30pm Friday 16 March, 2018 // A FREE EVENT

Image: George Egerton-Warburton, Truffle hunting (spoor), 2017. Digital image.

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