01-Mar-2016 - 12-Nov-2017

Shotgun 6

Rob O'Connor, Nadege Philippe-Janon

Shotgun is a flexible exhibition and curatorial model designed to deliver targeted support and opportunity to Tasmanian artists. Shotgun 6 has been awarded to Rob O'Connor and Nadege Philippe-Janon. Shotgun is a Contemporary Art Tasmania, Detached and Mona partnership project. This is the first edition of the new partnership and upgraded program. PUBLIC PROGRAMS: from late 2016 - September 2017. EXHIBITION: September 2017. TIME: 6pm. LOCATION: Contemporary Art Tasmania Gallery.

Image: Shotgun branding: LANZL Design: Cath Robinson

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08-Oct-2016 - 13-Nov-2016


Tricky Walsh

Tiefenzeit is a work of speculative fiction which is embodied through sculptures and paintings, but also more ephemerally within the gallery by incorporating sound and smell as definitive elements of the installation architecture, providing an illusory slippage in the perception of the space, and encouraging the slowing of time as the senses are bombarded by conflicting information.
In a broader conceptual framework this slides comfortably into the concept of Tiefenzeit; or Deep Time - a geological constant which asks us to consider the continual present in the context of an ever expanding past and future.

Image: Tricky Walsh, Tiefenzeit, 2016. Contemporary Art Tasmania

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13-May-2016 - 18-Sep-2016

Artist to Artist

Amanda Davies, Megan Walch, Peter Waller, Paul Zika

A suite of four solo exhibitions curated by artists presented in ‘rapid fire’ succession across four consecutive Fridays. How might we think about what the artist curator does that is different to that of the institutional curator? This project sets out to examine the variances between these positions and how the personal and professional proximities between artists intersect and influence exhibition outcomes.

OPENINGS: Friday 12 August, Friday 19 August, Friday 26 August, Friday 2 September 2016. TIME: 6pm. LOCATION: Contemporary Art Tasmania.

Image: Megan Walch, The Spill 2016 (detail)

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10-Jun-2016 - 19-Jun-2016


Nancy Mauro-Flude

Avast me hearties! Weave ye way through a maelstrom of data highlighting piracy - both the eye patch and the information kind. Drift upon a sea of network traffic; non-human pirate girls will haunt you along the way. For those who embark on the Divination Maiden Voyage: you’ve been warned. MAIDEN VOYAGE: Friday 10 June 2016. ONGOING INSTALLATION: 11+12, 15 - 19 June 2016. LOCATION: Dark Park, Goods Shed, Macquarie Point, Hobart - Dark Mofo festival

Image: Nancy Mauro-Flude, Divination, 2016. Drawing: Cath Robinson

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09-Jun-2016 - 17-Jul-2016

Big Cheese

Stephen Birch, Alex Gawronski, Sean Kerr, Petra Maitz, Daniel McKewen, Jelena Telecki, Justene Williams,

Overall, this show aims to approach, in a diversity ways, humorously or not, the various chemical, alchemical, material, magical and metaphorical dimensions of cheese.

OPENS: Thursday 9 JUNE 2016 TIME: 6PM LOCATION: Contemporary Art Tasmania

Image: Justene Williams, Ceremonial hat worn for eating finger cheese, 2014, still from HD video, courtesy the artist and Sarah Cottier Gallery

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