13-Dec-2013 - 23-Feb-2014

Acts of Exposure

Leigh Hobba, Mark Shorter, Michael Schlitz

CURATORS: BEC TUDOR, JANE STEWART, KYLIE JOHNSON, COLIN LANGRIDGE // Acts of Exposure is an exhibition of work by Leigh Hobba (TAS), Michael Schlitz (TAS) and Mark Shorter (NSW)

This is a joint initiative of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) and Contemporary Art Tasmania to promote contemporary artists.

Image: Mark Shorter, Song for Glover, 2012, still from video (Photo: Jürgen Kerkovius)

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14-Jan-2014 - 16-Feb-2014

it called out


it called out is an immersive, multi-speaker work that couples sound with light to reshape the terrain of the gallery space.

Image: Melanie Herbert, it called out, 2013, digital file

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08-Mar-2014 - 06-Apr-2014

Le Desért

Marie-Jeanne Hoffner, Alex Pittendrigh

Le Désert comprises an installation and discrete artworks by Marie Jeanne Hoffner and Alex Pittendrigh that offer a response to Le Désert de Retz, an 18th century French park that houses numerous architectural follies which reference classical antiquity or exotic styles.

Image: Marie-Jeanne Hoffner, Column House, digital image 2014

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17-Apr-2014 - 01-Jun-2014

The Pickup Artists

Mish Meijers, Sally Rees

Mish Meijers and Sally Rees have each developed new work for the Contemporary Art Tasmania gallery. They pursue paranormal entities by ‘calling’ and ‘luring’; sending out signals and coded visual messages in the hope of garnering some response. The artists use decoys to convince potential ‘visitors’ that the gallery may be a safe and welcoming space for them to enter and make their presence known.

Image: Production stills from 'Are you there Neenish?' by Mish Meijers and Sally Rees, 2014

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12-Jun-2014 - 06-Jul-2014

50 Ways to Kill Renny Kodgers


The Twilight Girls team up with Renny Kodgers in a series of collaborative confrontations that pay homage to classic film and television horror scenes using B and Z-grade techniques in a restaging of famously gory filmic events and the (de)generation of new unforgettable murderous cinematic moments.

Opening night performance: Wednesday 11 June 2014

Image: production still from 50 Ways to Kill Renny Kodgers, courtesy of the artists + Jürgen Kerkovius

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