26-Oct-2013 - 26-Oct-2013

SHOTGUN 2013 Artist Talk

Exhibiting artist, Mary Scott, in conversation with Detached Coordinating Curator, Craig Judd. 2pm Saturday 26 October 2013

Image: Mary Scott & Craig Judd, 2013 Shotgun Artist Talk. Photo: Kylie Johnson

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6-Jul-2013 - 6-Jul-2013

Professional Development Sessions

PLANNING & PITCHING YOUR CREATIVE SKILLS // Design thinking, writing and pitching to new audiences. A free NAVA event at CAST.

Image: NAVA flyer

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23-Jun-2013 - 23-Jun-2013

NAF:TMFC Notorious R&D

CURATORS: Pip Stafford, Nancy Mauro-Flude

Live coding, tele-robotics, net-art, installation, performance. Releases early, often and with home-made dream machine whirs, encoded charms & fem-botics. This is notorious R&D.

Image: Idiot Lust, Trawling for Negative Anchors... Revolutionary Feedback Loops, 2013

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05-Jun-2013 - 08-Jun-2013

NAF:TMFC Attent!ion Som(t)a(c)tic

Anne Goldeberg, Karine Rathle

Attent!ion Som(t)a(c)tic is a workshop to reflect upon our physical and physiological relationships toward our communication tools. In a kind of somatic confessional, participants will be brought to describe their (intimate, pleasant, difficult or binding...) relationships with their computers and to propose ways of subjugating those routines. Those confessions will work as an opportunity to gather participants confidences about their work habits and to suggest some ideas for both individual and structural empowerment.

Image: Photo of Anne Goldenberg by Thien V Vo

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31-May-2013 - 31-May-2013

Art Forum NAF:TMFC Post-Digital Aesthetics in Contemporary Art

Florian Cramer

Media experimentation in contemporary art has shifted towards the analogue. Small edition artist's books and zines, 8/16mm film and analog photography are booming. In contrast to what the motto of ISEA2013 says, resistance to electronic arts is everything but futile. This talk will sketch why the post-digital and neo-analog are more than retro trends.

Image: Florian Cramer

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