01-Dec-2007 - 24-Dec-2007

2007 CAST Members' Exhibition

CAST is a membership based organisation and as such enjoys the broad support of the Tasmanian arts. For the annual CAST Members' Exhibition we call members to submit a small work in any medium or subject matter; an opportunity to see a large range of work and a chance to appreciate the depth of artistic pursuits in the local community.


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13-Oct-2007 - 04-Nov-2007

Something Else

David Hawley

Something Else is an exhibition that showcases David Hawley's latest experiments in painting. Hawley’s most recent abstract paintings float off the walls of the gallery. These works might be considered unusual in the sense that they are without frames or stretchers. The colours are instead fixed to transparent plastic and allow the white walls of the gallery to show through as a ground for the swirling patterns to bounce off.

Image: David Hawley, Matter (detail), 2007. Photograph by Peter Angus Robinson.

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08-Sep-2007 - 30-Sep-2007

The Subtle Ether

Samantha Clark

The Subtle Ether was not directly observed by the Enlightenment scientists who described it so eloquently. It was deduced to exist, invented really, because it was needed to explain other observable phenomena. It was presumed to be so fine a substance as to pass undetected through the molecules of entire planets like a breeze through a forest, and yet glutinous enough to plug the gaps in our understanding of physical reality.

Image: Samantha Clark, The Subtle Ether, 2007, installation view. Photograph by Jan Dallas

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24-Aug-2007 - 16-Sep-2007

Your call is important to us


CURATORS: MICHAEL EDWARDS & CRAIG JUDD // Your call is important to us is the fourth collaboration between TMAG and CAST, situated in the historic Bond Store gallery. The artists in the exhibition are not concerned with referencing the form or function of the Bond Store as a charged historical entity. In keeping with a good deal of recent practice, their responses to the Bond Store 'site' are loosely aligned with a discursive engagement with the both the identifying properties of the umbrella institution (TMAG) and the discourses they reveal from the flow or Erlebnis of their daily lives.

Image: Tricky Walsh, Polysomnogram, 2007. Phototgraph by Peter Robinson

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28-Jul-2007 - 26-Aug-2007

Infinite Empire


CURATOR: CAROLE HAMMOND // Infinite Empire translates and extends the little known literary phenomenon of Steampunk into a broader context, shedding light on a murky sci-fi terrain incongruously ornamented with Victorian curlycues. However, rather than simply an exercise in labelling another sub-cultural geeky style (in the service of a marketing ploy à la Star Trek or Harry Potter etc) Carole Hammond points to a sensibility, crossing boundaries of media, that looks back in time to imagine a future - and to issue a warning.

Image: Jon Williamson, Mr Underwood - The Seeker, 2007 (detail). Photograph by Peter Robinson

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