01-Dec-2003 - 31-Dec-2003

2003 CAST Members' Exhibition

Image: CAST Members' Exhibition, 2003, installation view

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08-Nov-2003 - 30-Nov-2003



CURATOR: CELIA LENDIS // Working with a range of media, each artist in this exhibition addressed their relationship to the environments surrounding them; ranging from urban architectural settings through to popular culture zones. The experiences acquired from within these settings influence the artists’ sense of identifying with a particular ‘place’. These ideas were realiSed through toffee sculptures, plaster prints, photographs, video and installations.

Image: Lucy Bleach, Rung (ladder), 2003, installation view

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04-Oct-2003 - 26-Oct-2003

The Library

Brigita Ozolins

Hobart artist Brigita Ozolins is fascinated with our relationship to books, words and the mysteries associated with the process of writing. The Library was developed through research undertaken by visiting some of the greatest libraries in the world, including the British Library, the Bodleian Library at Oxford University and Cambridge University Library.

Image: Brigita Ozolins, The Library, 2003, installation view

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06-Sep-2003 - 28-Sep-2003

Everyday Entertainment

Kylie Johnson, Tiffany Winterbottom

Emerging Tasmanian artists Kylie Johnson and Tiffany Winterbottom produced an exhibition of new work for the CAST Gallery, derived from popular culture and personal experiences. The social spaces which Johnson and Winterbottom inhabit – bars, clubs, and parties – formed the backdrop to their work.

Image: Tiffany Winterbottom, The night the cops turned up 1, 2003.

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04-Aug-2003 - 31-Aug-2003

Silent Recordings…and other acts of obsession

Patrick Hall

Within this exhibition Hall dealt with nostalgic narratives that often encompass humour. His signature imagery and unique style was evident in a series of fully functioning furniture cabinets made from metal, etched glass and wood.

Image: Patrick Hall, Silent Recordings, 2003, installation view.

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