02-Oct-2002 - 27-Oct-2002

White Trash/Medium Rare

Is Theatre Ltd.

White Trash/Medium Rare was a collaborative project with Is Theatre Ltd. This performance asked what it is to be white and Anglo-Australian. The project developed a new work from scratch, involving considerable workshop and improvisational activity. The ‘set’ was an installation in the gallery for the duration of the performance period.

Image: Is Theatre Ltd., White Trash/Medium Rare, 2002, performance/installation view.

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31-Aug-2002 - 22-Sep-2002

The Ballet of Nothing More

Meg Keating

Having recently returned from a residency in China, this exhibition saw Megan Keating develop an installation around the theme of war. Using techniques derived from traditional Chinese paper cut she used an ancient art form to reference contemporary Chinese cultural forms and issues.

Image: Meg Keating, The Ballet of Nothing More, 2002, installation detail

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01-Aug-2002 - 30-Aug-2002



CURATOR: COLIN LANGRIDGE // Clearing was an exhibition of primarily sculptural work from emerging artists. The concepts that directed the selection of work for this exhibition were based on the philosophical deliberations of Martin Heidegger; the idea of an enigmatic thing in itself, prior to understanding and language, forms the theme.

Image: Clearing, 2002, installation view

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01-Jul-2002 - 30-Jul-2002

Red Dice/Des Chiffres


This work was originally commissioned by the Canadian Government to commemorate Stephane Mallarme and is taken from Mallarme’s poem Un Coup de des jamais n’abolira le hasard (Dice Thrown Never Annul Chance).

Image: Bill Seaman, Red Dice/Des Chiffres, 2002, installation view.

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08-Jun-2002 - 30-Jun-2002

On the Run

Matt Warren

On the Run was the completion of an ongoing Absence series that Warren has been building work around for over six years. Warren’s installations generally incorporate video as a central aspect but develop this component into a more complex environment utilising a number of objects and forms, particularly those from the natural environment. In this case the installation used a covering of leaves over the gallery floor and projections representing places in Canada and in Tasmania.

Image: Matt Warren, On the Run, 2002, installation view.

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