10-Aug-2019 - 08-Sep-2019

Np423b: empty orchestra

Dylan Sheridan

NP423 - Sheridan’s first solo show in a white-cube gallery context - is a modular environment of hacked, circuit-bent and repurposed domestic objects. The work evolved from the idea and experience of ‘misophonia’ – an irrational and intense dislike of certain sounds. The interconnected objects each express a cathartic transformation through the amplification and synthesis of the sounds and things that irritate and ‘drive Sheridan nuts.’
OPENING: 6pm, Friday 9 August 2019 // EXHIBITION 10 August – 8 September 2019 // LOCATION: Contemporary Art Tasmania // A FREE EVENT

Image: Dylan Sheridan, Study for 13 circuit-bent smoke alarms, 2019. Courtesy of the artist

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28-Sep-2019 - 10-Oct-2019

Shotgun 8: dark maria


Shotgun is an awarded opportunity that supports the advancement of selected Tasmanian artist/s through a customised and intensive program of high-level industry access, production assistance and critical engagement. Shotgun 8 artist Eloise Kirk presents work developed through the program.

Through the use of erasure, fragmentation and collage Kirk constructs a sequence of symbolic arrangements. The artist collects, divides and then reassemble images and materials, pitting the precious against the precarious. The work is explicitly elemental, offering an aesthetic response to the interval between beauty and disaster, straddling the periphery of the romantic and the surreal. Opening: 6pm, Friday 27 September 2019 // Exhibition: 28 September - 27 October 2019 // Location: Contemporary Art Tasmanian // A FREE EVENT

Image: Eloise Kirk and Cath Robinson, Shotgun 8 logo, 2019. Original Shotgun branding by LANZL.

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