23-Nov-2018 - 1-Nov-2018

We are all mad here

Junko Go

Through painting, drawing and storytelling Junko Go depicts her personal philosophy and view of the world. Often working intuitively, the artist creates multi-layered colourful and whimsical scenes. For the CAT Courtyard, Junko has elaborated on Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s book, Alice in Wonderland.

Image: Junko Go, We are all mad here, 2018. Photo: Jan Dallas

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06-Dec-2017 - 01-Dec-2018

Steven Carson : Flat Press

Steven Carson

Through image, sculpture and installation Steven Carson investigates ideas centred on materiality and process, specifically the capacity for these formal considerations to function as key elements to communicate meaning. Within Flat Press the artist has sought to explore pleasure and joy, and has considered how these emotional resonances may be expressed through flat picture panels as well as to be activated further within public space.

Image: Steven Carson : Flat Press

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01-Nov-2016 - 01-Nov-2017

Rosemary O'Rourke: Courtyard cloth drawing

​Courtyard cloth drawing is a work in progress that will ‘unfold’ directly onto the CAT courtyard walls.

Image: Rosemary O'Rourke, Courtyard Cloth Drawing, work in progress, 2017

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27-Nov-2015 - 27-Nov-2016

Carolyn Wigston: Chichi Array

Chichi Array is an extension of Carolyn Wigston’s painting practice. In this work Wigston explores formalist ideas and devised artiface towards the transformation of architectural space.

Image: Carolyn Wigston, Chichi Array, 2015. Photo: Jan Dallas

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17-Feb-2014 - 17-Feb-2015


Alan Young

I have always been interested in the relationships between people and place and how these intersect with notions around mapping. I lived in North Hobart for three years; in this work, the North Hobart area is my focus.
Some of the work captures moments and some of it tells stories. It is, in a sense, a visual diary and particular layers of colours and forms are chosen to portray what I have documented.
Alan Young


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12-Jan-2015 - 01-Jan-2016

Chris Hamnett: UNTITLED 2014 #13

Chris Hamnett was selected as the 2015 Courtyard Artist, covering the wall of the courtyard in consecutive numbers on a black background, Hamnett provided an immersive experience of his obsessive practice.

Image: Chris Hamnett, UNTITLED 2014 #13, 2015. Photo Jan Dallas

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