17-Oct-2014 - 17-Oct-2014

SHOTGUN 2014 Publication Launch

Shotgun 2014 Publication Launch. DATE: Friday 17 October 2014. TIME: 6pm. LOCATION: Contemporary Art Tasmania Gallery. A FREE EVENT

Image: Design: Cath Robinson. Branding: LANZEL

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01-Nov-2014 - 01-Nov-2014

Conversations: Feminism & Art

Conversations: Feminism & Art has been developed in response to a perceived renewal of interest in feminism within contemporary art and culture broadly. The symposium will consist of three conversations: Linda Dement (NSW) & Nancy Mauro-Flude (TAS), Jane Polkinghorne (NSW) & Yvette Watt (TAS), Andrew Harper (TAS) & Elvis Richardson (VIC). DATE: Saturday 1 November 2014. TIME: 2pm. LOCATION: Contemporary Art Tasmania. A FREE EVENT


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