06-Jun-2014 - 06-Jun-2014

The Third Leg - Lecture

A lecture by acclaimed freelance producer and project manager Alexander Godschalk. DATE: Friday 6 June 2014. TIME: 4pm. LOCATION: Contemporary Art Tasmania Gallery. A FREE EVENT

Image: courtesy Alexander Godschalk

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28-Jun-2014 - 28-Jun-2014

South Ways Project - Roundtable

South Ways is an open project coordinated by Kevin Murray with the aim of defining creative practices that have a home in the South. Contemporary Art Tasmania is a presentation partner for the roundtable discussion in Hobart. Participation is by registration. HOBART DATE: Saturday 28 June 2014. LOCATION: Contemporary Art Tasmania Gallery.


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12-Jul-2014 - 12-Jul-2014

Unkept - Project Discussion

Event participants will consider Unkept's creation, manifestation, transformation and continuation. Visiting artist/ academic and catalogue contributor Sera Waters will lead the discussion with contributions by project curator, Polly Dance along with Jessie Lumb,
Claire Kroužecký [through the medium of a handwritten letter read aloud] and guest reader Diana Giblin. DATE: Saturday 12 July. TIME: 2pm. LOCATION: Contemporary Art Tasmania Gallery. A FREE EVENT

Image: Jessie Lumb, The brilliant texture of small town life (detail), 2013. Coloured chalk. Photo: Sofia Calado

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24-Jul-2014 - 24-Jul-2014

NAVA Executive Director, Tamara Winikoff - Lecture

Life after art school can be a tricky road to navigate for recent graduates.
Come and hear NAVA's Executive Director, Tamara Winikoff OAM take you through the ins and outs of what future avenues there are for your practice and what NAVA can do for your career. DATE: Thursday 24 July. TIME: 12 noon. LOCATION: Main Lecture Theatre, Tasmanian College of the Arts, Inveresk. A FREE EVENT

Image: Tamara Winikoff

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24-Jul-2014 - 24-Jul-2014

Shotgun 2014 - Discussion Event

2014 Shotgun publication writers Hannah Mathews, Quentin Sprague and Jasmin Stephens will be joined by project coordinator Kylie Johnson and Shotgun artists past and present to discuss issues relating to professional practice today. DATE: Thursday 24 July. TIME: 3pm. LOCATION: Contemporary Art Tasmania Gallery

Image: Shotgun branding: LANZEL

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